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Approved by the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan

Sahih Invest


Sahihinvest and ITS: Together Towards the Islamic Index

In partnership with ITS, we are proud to present the first Islamic index in Kazakhstan. Adhering to the principles of Shariah investing, we ensure the index's compliance with Islamic standards
  • About ITS

    ITS is an international liquidity hub, providing investors with access to the best prices in the global financial market through unique smart order routing technology and the principle of best execution
  • Shariah Audit

    Our team of experts conducts a thorough Shariah audit and control to ascertain that every component of the index complies with Islamic principles
  • ITS Trading Session

    From 11:00 to 03:00 the next day Astana time, ITS offers a trading opportunity for 16 hours a day, five days a week, covering the working hours of leading stock exchanges in Asia, Europe, and America
  • Contact

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the ITS press service at:

We check the permissibility of investing under Islam

Licensed Resident of AIFC Startup of SEZ "Innopolis
Over 750
verified companies
More than 400
active users choose us daily
Sahih Invest regularly updates company statuses:
Quarterly checks for up-to-date information

Sahih Invest analyzes the permissibility of investing according to Islamic principles: Rigorous verification according to Shariah standards

  • Sahih Invest employs a verification methodology developed in partnership with the Russian Islamic Institute: Guarantee of accuracy and adherence to Islamic standards
  • We conduct a deep analysis of companies' financial statements quarterly according to AAOIFI and DFM standards
  • The Sahih Invest team brings together highly qualified analysts with doctoral degrees, specialists trained under the ACCA DipIFR program, and Shariah experts certified by AAOIFI.
  • Sahih Invest ensures the reliability of its services through an audit conducted by an independent Shariah expert from the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Company Analysis

Adobe Systems
Adobe Systems
Share price
431.67 $
+4.9 $ (1.15%)
Share price
47.01 $
+0.51 $ (1.1%)
NK Rosneft
Share price
406.05 ₽
-6.05 ₽ (1.47%)
Share price
1013.40 ₽
-22.2 ₽ (2.14%)
Share price
385.00 ₽
+1.04 ₽ (0.36%)

Checking the company upon your request

Leave a request in order to know the status of permissibility of investing to company

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Sahih API: A tool for integration with banks, brokerage, and management companies. Access to investing in accordance with Islamic norms

Expand the range of investment products that comply with the norms of Islam

Sahih API is your key to ethical investments. Create and manage investment products using our API to verify the compliance of companies with Islamic standards. Be confident in your choice of reliable assets


What is this app for?

  • Develop trust management strategies in accordance with Halal criteria
  • Develop a mutual investment fund in accordance with Halal criteria.
  • Show the result of the screening about the permissibility and compliance of the shares with the Halal criteria in the mobile trading application.

Displayed data

  • Share’s permissibility level
  • Debts
  • Deposits
  • Share price / stock price
  • Incomes

We will design a free pilot version fitting your requests

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Project team

At Sahih Invest, professionals have come together: experienced leaders, authoritative Sharia experts, and qualified analysts. Together, we work on effective and ethical investment solutions
Azat Otepbay
Azat Otepbay
He has vast experience in structuring deals and licensing financial companies
Farhad Bikmuratov
Farhad Bikmuratov
Technical director
Master of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of Moscow State University. AAOIFI Certified Sharia Expert
Ahmad Abu Yahya
Ahmad Abu Yahya
Sharia expert
Lecturer at the "Center for Analysis and Development of Interfaith Relations" of the Department of Religious Affairs of the Pavlodar Region (Kazakhstan), Director of the Russian Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (RCIEF) at the Russian Islamic Institute
I.Zh. Kiyomov
I.Zh. Kiyomov
External Sharia Auditor, SBM RT
PhD in Islamic Sciences, Certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor (AAOIFI), Manama city, Bahrain


A certificate of approval of the product at the Council of Ulema of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan was received by our company

03.2022 Hosted the reception at Mufti of Republic of Tatarstan Kamil Hazrat Samigullin

Rector of the RII Rafik Mukhametshin presented AAOIFI certificate to Farhad Bikmuratov

01.2022 Presentation of AAOIFI certificate

We discussed a number of issues with AAOIFI Board member Khondamir Nusratkhudzhayev

07.2021 Meeting with experts at KazanSummit

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Start by studying the articles on finance and investing in the app. Next, it is better to take courses where you will learn the basics of investing.
The purchase of shares in the app is available through Tinkoff Investments. You have to go to the company card and click on the 'Tinkoff Investments' banner. If you don't have an account, you will be asked to open one. By opening a brokerage account, you receive a bonus from Tinkoff – a month without commissions, and 1 month of using the PRO version for 0 rubles from our company.
We developed our methodology in partnership with the Russian Islamic Institute, drawing on deep research from leading Muslim theologians of global stature and data from international Islamic organizations and centers. This approach ensures a high degree of reliability and compliance with Islamic standards
No, we do not analyze since there is no approved approach/methodology for analyzing funds.
The statuses of companies can change from quarter to quarter. We are constantly updating the statuses of companies by recently released reports. In order not to miss the change of the company's status, add it to the 'favorites' section. If you subscribe, you will automatically receive a push notification about the change of the status of permissiveness
Do not panic if the share of the company you purchased has ceased to comply with Sharia law.
The position of scientists on this topic is that it is better to get rid of the share when the initial amount of investment equals the income from the sale of the share and / or the income gained by this share, but no later than 30 days after the announcement of its non-compliance with Sharia.
It is not necessary to purify the income from the transaction for the sale of shares that have received the prohibited status."
Source: Sharia Standard No. 1 "Issue, Acquisition and Circulation of Shares" DFM.
You can read more in the article "What to do if the company is no longer Halal?", which is posted in the corresponding section of the application.
There are two approaches to purifying prohibited income:
  1. According to DFM and AAOIFI standards, the share of the company's prohibited income attributable to your shares ((amount of prohibited income / total number of shares of the company) * the number of your shares at the end of the financial period) should be sent for purification.
  2. There is also an approach according to which only the appropriate part of the dividends should be given for purification, the income from the increase in the value of shares does not need to be purified
Each report undergoes our meticulous manual review. We analyze each article and delve into the explanations provided in the document. Our methods are based on the international standards of AAOIFI and DFM and were developed in close collaboration with the Russian Islamic Institute. This approach was officially approved by the Council of Ulemas of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2021

Sahih Systems Ltd Contacts

Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC)
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